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Prefektur Chiba, Prefektur Kanagawa, Prefektur Saitama, Tokyo Metropolis
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■ Working Place
☆Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama☆

■ Job Description
(1) Planning and distributing store management policy (store meeting)
(2) Crew (part-time) recruitment, shift management, staffing, and human resource development Education and training system (soon after having joined the company, you will learn about the operations thoroughly)
▼Induction training will be conducted for 45 days at the store. You will learn the basics of customer service, cooking, and management through a mixture of classroom learning and practical application.

[Future career path] Step up from a manager trainee → assistant manager → senior assistant manager → store manager. There is no discrimination such as age, gender, nationality, or ethnicity. After being promoted to store manager, the path to supervisor or other specialized departments is open to you. There are many store managers and supervisors in their 20s! 

[Restaurant Manager/Store Manager (RM)] Theoretical annual income ranges from 4.1 million to 5.5 million JPY. Monthly salary 280,000 JPY to 360,000 JPY + bonus (twice a year) + various allowances 
[Senior Assistant Manager/Acting Store Manager class (SAM)] Monthly salary 240,000 JPY + bonus (twice a year) + various allowances 
[Assistant Manager (AM)] Monthly salary 230,000 JPY + bonus (twice a year) + various allowances 
[Manager Trainee (MT)] Monthly salary 220,000 JPY + bonus (twice a year) + various allowances 

*1. Will be decided and considered based on the salary of the previous job, experience, abilities, skills, etc.
*2. Deemed overtime: 
– For Restaurant Manager, it’s included in 30 hours, more than this will be paid in one-minute basis 
– For Senior Assistant Manager/Acting Store Manager class (SAM), the most recent actual payment amount is 260,000 JPY to 280,000 JPY on average
– For Assistant Manager (AM), the most recent actual payment amount is 250,000 JPY to 270,000 JPY
-For Manager Trainee (MT), the most recent actual payment amount is 230,000 JPY to 250,000 JPY

・Special allowance: in case of managing multiple stores, special allowance will be paid in the range of 15,000 JPY to 45,000 JPY *Payment terms and conditions apply 
・Special bonus of 100,000 JPY (will be paid to those who have been promoted to be store managers within 6 months after joining the company) 

Working Hours 
8 hours of actual work between 07:00 and 22:00 *60 minutes break 
2 days off per week (9 days/month/shift) *February 8th *Saturdays and Sundays are possible to have day off 
– Paid vacation (10 days granted after 6 months of employment) 
– Special leave (sick leave, transfer leave, condolence leave) 
– Before and after giving birth leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave 

– Uniform rental
– Company house 
– Support for acquiring qualifications (food sanitation manager, fire prevention/disaster prevention manager, etc.) 

Application Requirement
– Have JLPT N2
– Fresh Graduate 2023 Only

Selection Process 
Conducting interview twice, and deciding whether the candidate pass or fail

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